Finding Job after PostGraduate

Hello all, I’m interested in working in Japan in the future and as of now I’m taking an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering in the UK. My plan is to finish my undergraduate degree and after that take a Masters Degree in Japan. What I’m trying to ask is that whether I can find a job in Japan after I finish my Masters in Japan because then I’d have an undergraduate degree from the UK and a Masters from Japan.

I asked because I heard that finding a job right after I finish my undergrad in Japan would be easier, but is it possible or easier if it was a Masters degree?

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Generally speaking, to get a job in Japan as a non-Japanese, you’ll need to do it yourself, and there isn’t really any guaranteed way of landing one. If you do a Masters, it might increase your chances, but you still might not get one here. On the other hand, you may well be able to get a job here without a Masters degree, especially if you are able to come on a working holiday visa for instance.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve done Japanese until about N4 and will be continuing after my undergrad so that i am not limited to an english speaking one as I love learning the language. Is it possible to get the job with a foreign degree? a degree not from Japan if I were to not take a Masters degree at all.

The main thing that a degree helps with is getting a visa. Having an undergraduate degree qualifies you for a working visa in a related field (e.g., software development).

Generally speaking, Japanese companies don’t care so much about a degree, unless it is from a top-tier school. Many Japanese developers have totally unrelated university degrees.

Another way of doing it, if you like Research is the JSPS programme. But that assmues you are doing a PhD in UK and have as target getting a research job in Japan.

Just as a side note, doing research does not eliminate getting good at software engineering, is just another flavour due to different requirements (way way higher chance of changing trajectories during a project).

Good luck!