Finding a job without being a english native speaker

Hello, I’m a Brazilian (without japanese ancestry, which in my country it’s the most commoun way of people going to live in Japan) as you can notice my english is not fluent; but I believe that it’s understandable at least, I also study the japanese language,so I know a bit of it too. The question is: it’s possible to find a job in a international/good japanese company without being native speaker of english? I’m now a front end developer, but also studying RoR in order to become a full stack developer, I have a bachelor degree and I’m 26 old, age really matters?. thank you! I

Most English speaking developers I know in Japan are not native speakers on English, but rather speak it as a second language with varying degrees of fluency. So I don’t think that your English ability will determine whether or not you’re able to find a job here.

Employers do tend to only consider really exceptional candidates for relocation, so you’ll need to find some way to distiguinsh yourself. My article on marketing yourself as a developer has some ideas.

I see. Regarding japanese ability, I’am about N3, it would be useful to find a job or not yet? I’m also improving my english and developer skills, so I wonder if I should keep studying japanese.

Any skills that you have can potentially help you find a job. Having some Japanese ability will open up certain opportunities that would not otherwise be available. Fluency would open up more. It’s hard to say that working on one thing would be more helpful than the other.

Oh I get it, I will keep studying both RoR and japanese, thank you.