Does this seem possible?

Hello, My name is Steven. I was advised to check out this website from a different forum, so far I’m liking it, but haven’t seen anyone post a situation like the one I’m curious about.

In April or so, I’ll be moving to Japan with my fiance (wife by then, wedding is in September, then applying for spouse visa soon after) and I have a background with HTML, CSS and some Java…I’m working on bringing my Java skills up currently, will even be taking a few extra online classes through places like edx.
Now what I was wondering…I know that right away getting a job like a Front-End Developer will be near impossible, but after I can bring my Japanese up (an N2 or so) and keep getting practice with my coding, maybe finding some freelance online work to boost my resume…what are the odds of finding an entry level job in Japan?.
No I do not have a B.A, but as I said…I will not need a visa, I’ll be able to supply my own, hoping that it will play in my favor to some degree.

If you have enough Japanese skills it is certainly possible to find something development related, even if you don’t have professional experience. I was just talking to a guy the other day who did it. In his case, he’s now the only technical person at the company, and has a range of tasks from updating content to doing front end development. I’d anticipate doing a jack-of-all-trades kind of job like that in the beginning, as opposed to being hired as a full time front end developer.

That’s great news for me!.
Are there any sources online you would suggest looking to for jack-of-all-trade jobs like that?.
Right now I use Gaijinpotjobs as the main page I look at.

It is going to take me awhile to master Japanese, but I know once I live there, it’ll be easier to master than it is now in America.

Your best bet for finding a job will be making a direct connection as opposed to some job board, as most likely the company won’t be advertising the position. Once you’re in Tokyo, I’d start attending events to build up a local network. If you do that as you’re studying Japanese, hopefully by the time you’re proficient you’ll be able to find something.