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Do Japanese companies take global university rankings into account?

I’ve searched the internet far & wide to look for answers to this question and could not find a shred of reliable information. I’ve also asked on a few difference messaging boards like Reddit, and Discord, but I think they’re all the wrong places to ask. Hopefully this is a more relevant place to ask :slight_smile:

So… I’m wondering if Japanese companies take the global rankings (e.g. Shanghai Ranking, Time Higher Education, QS Rankings, US News, etc), including the relevant “by subject” ranking of foreign universities into account? Particularly for more specialised fields such as AI/ML.

For example, the university of Edinburgh is recognised in the west as one of the world leaders in the field of AI/ML, and it ranks high both in computer science rankings and overall rankings in all global rankings (typically top 30 / top 20 in 4 previously mentioned rankings). Would having an MSc in AI from Edinburgh give you a decent advantage in Japan when looking for ML engineer jobs, over say, a university like Southampton (which is good, but not “great” like Edinburgh)?

(Bonus) And how would it change if you have 7+ years of technical experience (including data engineering) but not in machine learning?

There’s no universal answer for this, as it depends on the company. But my personal opinion, that’s echoed by others that I’ve talked to about this, is that most companies won’t take into account any rankings of international universities. If the person reviewing your resume happens to recognize the name of the university, it might help, but most won’t be looking up the ranking of it.

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