Do companies even use Qt?

I am a hardcore Qt/C++/QML developer (and fanboy) and for nearly the past two years that I’ve been searching, listings for Qt jobs have been pretty much non-existent. Only once in the past two years have I ever even seen a listing mention QML.

It surprises me since the Qt framework is fairly popular. The company even has an office in Tokyo. It seem like all the rage these days are web apps/JS frameworks.

Although I mainly only browse Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and StackOverflow, so maybe that’s why?

What’s the deal?

Maybe because Qt developers are rare (in Japan) it is not mentioned in job listings?

We use Qt and have been for about 15 years. Nobody we have recruited during that time has even heard of Qt so we don’t mention it in job postings. We don’t use QML though. Our usage is for cross platform development - desktop application that runs on WIndows and Linux.

Also, I feel learning Qt is easy if you know C++. So it is preferable to recruit C++ programmers and teach them Qt rather than try to recruit Qt developers. Requiring Qt could limit who applied.