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Dispatch 220K Yen/Monthly - Front End Developer Underpaid?

So I got hired last 2019 and turned 1 year last January! I worked as a software developer for 6 years in the Philippines, focused on javascript technologies and .net as my server side. My japanese is conversational.

I really find it difficult to be a dispatch, especially I see how much is the client is really paying me.

I do feel I am underpaid with my current salary and skill.
With that, How high is the barrier for web developer? and what would be my expected salary if they will ask. I have roughly 400k - 500k roughly in mind.

I just recently saw tokyodev and I feel like a lot of people would probably of help me determining my next steps. :frowning: I feel so sad and not totally growing right now.

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220k for a non-junior is indeed low (and I hope you are talking about after taxes). I am not sure about web developers but you might be able to get around 400k if you are independent and have a good performance.

Thanks for replying @Diogo90P

I am sad to say it is not after taxes. Roughly, I got 160k/month. With all things off. That doesn’t include my overhead expenses such as house, utlities, water and phone bill.

I am currently discouraged,about it.

When you say independent, do you mean, like a freelancer OR I am not of a dispatch employee?

I was asking to know if you still need close monitoring from a senior developer or if you can get it done by just having the specifications. If you are that kind of “independent” then you shouldn’t have any problems getting a better pay.

220 before taxes is very low. I recommend you start looking somewhere else because if the company is ok with paying that, I don’t think that even with a raise they will ever pay you a decent amount. Also, I recommend you to not reveal your salary when doing interviews, check @pwim commend on this thread: Changing jobs in Japan

Honestly, speaking yes, I think I can handle it working on my own and work independently. Just as I was back in the Philippines.

After reading the comments and the thread you posted.

Recruiters would always ask my salary. Isn’t it rude to decline not to answer the salary? Just as @pwim said it wiould be best if i drag it until it is needed or neccessary. So far I always revealed my salary on recruiters. With that, I will consider and try to evade the question possible.

It’s up to you if you want to answer it or not. In my perspective it’s rude to ask, not to decline to answer.

If they ask you that, my advice to you is to always answer with: “I’m looking for opportunities from X/year.”. If they insist I usually answer that the information is private and that I don’t want to disclose that information, just like my phone number.

As long as you know your skills and how much is the value of the market (by not demanding absurds amount of money) then there is no reason to say how much you were being paid.

Thank you so much! I would practice my way of answering it. Until i can drag it out.

I became aware of the market last November, when I got the gutfeel that I am really underpaid. And so I went and updated all my files and seek out new jobs.

Here’s to crossing another hurdle in life. True to what you have said, it is actually bad for me to stay another year here in this company because they throw me to clients that are sometimes not leveraging my skills in web development.

Like right now, i’ve only done, serverside development, not my experience and not my language as well. The effort is doubled, but my growth and compensation are at a risk.

Thank you. I would, probably, continue seeking jobs. Praying, I land on a better one.

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