Development job tokyo


i am java developer in India with 9 years of experience. how hard is to get java developer job in Tokyo?
how much expertise is required in Java and coding there?
how much struggle one has to face to get Java developer job there for person who is average in coding??
how is the working environment for a female there?



Certainly there are lots of opportunities for Java developers here, especially in the enterprise. I believe as a developer with 9 years of experience, you will definitely get some chances. However I am intrigued by your question, ‘for person who is average in coding?’. Generally, as a developer with 9 years of experience, it will be assumed that you are above average level in coding, and also understand infrastructure and system design. Each job requirements are different, so you can still find opportunities.

I would recommend trying for Worksapp, AFAIK they are a company heavily focused on Indian developers, and their stack is in Java.

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