Chances of getting a job with my current resume

Hi there, I am a language student here in Japan. Before coming to Japan I completed my graduation in a program called BCA in India, I wanted to go for masters and was preparing for an exam, but I discovered the field of web development which I truly enjoyed. The best thing was that I could see and customize what my code does and how it reflects on my website, However since we weren’t taught Web Development just like any other college after I Learned all of it by watching YouTube and creating projects on my own for some months, I was also able to land an internship in a product based startup after presenting them with my portfolio and solving a take home assignment. After the internship ended I got a Job offer where they offered me a full time job which I didn’t take because I wanted to work overseas. Unlike my other friends who go to western countries, I have always been fascinated with the idea of being in Japan and experiencing the things which company has to offer, good or bad. Fast-forward to now, I have been studying in a language school in Shinanomachi for 5 months now and my Japanese level is N4, I would like to look for some opportunities in my own field if it’s possible but as I have been looking at they all go for senior developer position mostly which requires 3+ experience which I don’t have, so I wanted to know with my current resume is there a chance to land a frontend developer job ? If not, what can I do to improve my odds, Any suggestions are welcome! I like the country so far, so I’ve been thinking seriously about this now. I have attached my resume as well, so you can provide me with some more insight if possible. My Resume

With your education and experience, I think you’ve got a decent chance of getting a job in Japan. But your resume needs a lot of work. I don’t want to sugar-cost this: it’s really bad. It needs reformatting, it needs correct spelling and grammar throughout, it needs better organisation of your education and experience and skills sections.

Do a lot of research into how to write a good tech resume (follow either US or U.K. models for good examples that will be quite acceptable for Japanese employers). Look at other people’s resumes, including very successful people, and try and imitate the structure and the language. Consider maybe hiring someone on, like, Fiverr to rewrite your resume, if you don’t think you can improve it yourself. It looks like the important skills and experiences are there, but they’re presented quite poorly in your current resume.

Luckily, improving a resume is no big deal, this shouldn’t be too much of a roadblock.

Thanks a lot! Yea, I mean I wrote this one in 5 min… just to give an example and overview, but I have a good one now! The thing which is holding me back is that I keep hearing that experience is important in Japan… like 3 years is the starting point that they require you to have, However I only have an internship to show for it in which I did do some nice work, but I want to know like if I’m qualified or not with this kind of skills :frowning: plus my Japanese kinda sucks right now. Also, any other job boards then Tokyo which you would like to recommend ? Thanks for your time, appreciate it !

There’s no general experience requirement, but having more experience opens up more possible opportunities. There are more jobs that are looking for people with 2-3+ years of experience - and there’s less competition for those roles. However, it’s still possible to find work with less, and it’s still worth applying to jobs even if you have less experience than they’re asking (the worst they can do is turn you down).

You can just Google “Japan tech jobs”, most of the results on the first page or two will be worth looking at. Recruiters from firms like RGF and Robert Half are also worth reaching out to on LinkedIn.