Career planning for later relocation to Japan

Hi all:

I wonder what type of developer is mostly sought after in Japan? I plan to do an IT master specializing in software engineering and later relocate to Japan in 2-3 years. I personally think web developers and database engineers have a good chance. What languages should I study to boost my chance? Or maybe you have other recommendation?


While I don’t have a feel for the market overall, for the kind of companies looking to hire on TokyoDev, I rarely see positions for dedicated database engineers. I think it’s assumed that a backend developer will be using a framework that together with their own knowledge will get them far enough so one isn’t needed.

Web frontend / backend positions are by the far the most common, but also have the most applicants for the positions.

Cool, do you have a recommendaiton for a second focus area besides web developers if I want a job in Japan? I think SaaS engineering or more generally cloud computing and distributed computing have a chance?

Personally, I wouldn’t focus on a specific technology or position for job opportunities, but rather try to figure out what was best suited to my interests and aptitudes.

I think that makes sense, and opportunities will evolve with time, thank you for your advice!