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Can I work U.S remote job while on dependent visa with my foreign wife?

My wife is working as an engineer at a university in Japan. We got married and I want to live with her in Japan. Is it possible for me to work u.s remote software job on Dependent Visa?

My understanding is that you need to fill out the “Permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” form, which allows you to work up to 28 hours per week. I think you are allowed to work for an overseas company, but you could check with immigration to be sure.

Taxes could end up being a bit of a nightmare if you don’t structure things correctly, so you should do your research on that.

The crux is that residing in Japan means you owe taxes to Japan, working for a US company as a US citizen doesn’t allow you to ignore that obligation.

There are people who know their stuff over at so I would have a look and possibly ask over there.