Beginners advice, Where and What to start with

Hi all

I have only recently started to teach myself to code, I have some basic knowledge of HTML so thought i would start there and then move on to C+. My end goal is application/web design, although i currently work in UX Voice Control systems.
my questions are, are there any schools i can learn these in Tokyo (preferably at night.)
And secondly, Is HTML a good place to start?

thanks for your time


Well, if you’re goal is to be a web designer, you’ll certainly need HTML skills. After that though, I wouldn’t learn C++, but rather JavaScript, as it will allow you to do “front end development”.

If you’re fluent in Japanese, there should be some courses available. I’d start by doing online courses though, at places like Treehouse, Code School, and Codecadamy. I have the feeling that international online courses have more relevant content than courses will offline Japanese courses will offer.

Thanks so much for the advice, I’ve started on Coda and really liking the modern intuitive aspect of it.
perfect thing to do during the endless meetings i have at work, also makes me looks busy :smiley: