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Apply Permanent Residency with highly skilled visa ASAP

I had been granted highly skilled visa on August 2020, with a document saying I was certified with over 80 points (actually I believe I got 95 but no higher standard applicable).

After some research, I found that Permanent Residency applications generally take 4-6 months after submission, and it could probably take more time under COVID-19 situation.

I am wondering if I can submit the application a few weeks or even a few months before August 2021?
Do I have to wait for the exact date where I have held the visa for one full year?

I am making assumptions about you situation, but I am pretty sure it won’t be possible to receive Permanent Residency after just one year on your current visa.

From my own experience and some googling, PR requires having lived in Japan for 8-10 consecutive years, with at least 5 years under a work visa. Also the applicant needs to a record of ‘good behaviour’, e.g. sufficient savings, ability to hold consistent employment, paying tax, contributing to pension, not drawing on employment insurance, etc.

Again, I am making the assumption that you just arrived in Japan in August 2020, sorry if I am incorrect.

I arrived a few years before August 2020, but it doesn’t matter in my case.

You are probably unaware of the point system (高度人材ポイント制) introduced in 2012. If applicants are certified with certain points, they will be given Highly Skilled Professional Visa, with preferential treatments including eligible for applying PR 3 years after being certified with over 70 points, or only 1 year after being certified with over 80 points.

Regarding my original question in this thread, I found an example where the applicant also have over 80 points like me. He had applied for PR via a lawyer, saying it’s fine to apply even just 11 months after holding Highly Skilled Professional Visa.

Therefore, I will probably apply for PR in July, 2021.

Great to hear and best of luck with the process.
Thank you for enlightening me.