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Anyone Working at DMM Eikawa?

Hey folks,

Been thinking about shifting companies, and am looking at applying to DMM Eikawa among others.
Wanted to ask if anyone currently works there/worked there/knows someone there who could give me an idea of what it’s like working for them.

Main points of interest are work-life balance, job growth and just overall thoughts.

Would appreciate any insights.

Hi, DMM Eikaiwa IT employee here.

Good questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

work-life balance

Great. We are remote-friendly, flextime with no core hours, and have a strict no overtime policy. Some of my coworkers start at 7am, others in the afternoon. We have one engineer that prefers to take Wednesdays off and work Saturdays instead. We have another engineer that is in his home country visiting his family for a few months while working. No problem at all. I also just returned from a 4-month paternity leave myself, which got approved with zero pushback.

job growth

It isn’t very hierarchical at the company so there isn’t a management ladder to climb and this is a good thing. There are, however, always opportunity to take take on more responsibility. The team is fairly self-organizing in terms of tasks during development cycles so if there’s a particular project you’d like to get involved with that would stretch your skills or require you to learn something new, in most cases you can request to work on it. Of course, there are business priorities this is balanced against but you won’t be stuck in the corner working on a widget, not growing if this is your concern. The company also supports continuing education so if there’s a learning resource you’d like to have, be it a book, class, etc., the company will typically pay for it.

overall thoughts

It’s a healthy and solid team full of members that take a lot of ownership over their work and honestly try to do a good job. We have very low turnover, healthy communication (well, as healthy as Slack can reasonably be), and a lot of support from capable management. I’ve been a part of quite a few teams in my career and this likely the best I’ve been on.

I encourage you to apply.