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Anyone use Japanese Freelance websites?


Hi, Currently I’m working in Osaka as a programmer and I have valied visa untill next year. recently I saw freelace website called according to my japanese undestanding they pay attractive rates for the feelancers. Does anyone work with them ? If anyone knows please let me know. and I’d like to know are there any Japanese freelance websites like upwork? so far I came across Lancers and crowdworks.


With Levtech, it looks like they’re an agency that has positions on a monthly contract. While Japanese developers often refer to this as フリーランサー, its a bit different than my image of it. I’d call these “contractor” positions. You’ll probably need fluent Japanese skills to go through them.


Thanks Paul. yeah and looks like they don’t have remote Jobs (complete from home) it needs to go to a office for doing the task. Do you know any good freelancer websites ?


I’m personally skeptical of freelancing sites, as they tend to have poor clients who are primarily focused on getting a deal. I’ve not used them myself, but have built up relationships myself instead.

If you are wanting to work remotely though, I’m not sure there’s a reason to restrict yourself to Japanese sites. I’d expect you’d find more suitable opportunities on the international ones.


International sites are much more comfortable to use but, If I have Japanese clients I can get freelance visa myself (self sponsored) Thats why i’m looking for japanese clients.


If your goal is self-sponsorship, you’ll need to have longer term contracts with clients (see this article).