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Anyone know anything about Netsuite developer jobs in Japan? Or, what to do when you're current job is pigeonholing you and you want to go to Japan


I’ve posted on here before asking about peoples experiences teaching English via JET or private companies as a way to get into the country.
However, I feel that my professional developer skills are becoming very niche. Right now I develop customizations for the Netsuite ERP system. Good money and job security here in the United States, but Netsuite development requires strong knowledge of their closed-source tools and systems. Heck, it even has it’s own (lousy) system on top of SQL for database queries.

Originally, I thought this job would be much like a web development role and I could continue honing the web development skills I gained from my internships in college. This seemed good since I would then have experience with very popular tools and frameworks.
Many people say programs like JET tend to give you a lot of downtime. I figure I could use that time to get more into things like Angular 4 and whatever else I find interesting. However, given that I’ve only graduated 8 months ago, I don’t really have a good frame of reference for what qualifies as a resume-worthy side project or GitHub profile. The LAST things I would want would be to spend a year teaching English, find out whatever app or blog/site I made isn’t attention-worthy, and then go home to a year long gap without any professional dev work and a set of skills all around a system/platform I want to get away from. Am I worrying too much or am I in over my head? Better yet, is it possible that Netsuite is an in-demand niche like it is in the United States? Oracle did buy them a year ago for a cool $9 billion…


Searching in Japanese, I can’t find many Netsuite jobs. Indeed is the only place where I saw multiple listings for Netsuite jobs, though it looks like they aren’t necessarily developer positions. While Netsuite itself might not be so popular here, there are many other ERP related jobs.

On the other hand, it looks like you’re at the beginning of your career, and it sounds like you’d like to move away from ERP development. If I was to come to Japan on JET, I’d be prepared for the worst case scenario: not finding a job as a developer, and having to move to your country. Whether or not that’s a big deal depends on your personal situation, so you’ll need to decide yourself whether or not you want to make the leap. Personally, I think having a one-year gap in your employment history isn’t such a big deal though.