Any iglu-like companies in Japan? (freelance agents who sponsor visas)

Hi everyone, I currently freelance and travel a lot but would like to settle down for a while in Japan. I work for remote clients and was wondering if anyone knows of any companies in Japan similar to Iglu. Iglu is a company based in Thailand to which you assign your freelance clients, they hire you in exchange for a percentage of your freelance fee and sponsor your work visa. I have so far been unable to find any companies like this in Japan so I thought I’d ask here in case anyone knew of companies that did this, or happened to own a company that would be willing to do this.

I haven’t come across any companies doing this. I did talk to one company that was doing it on behalf of companies considering setting up a branch office in Japan, but they decided to get out of this business.

If you’re interested in living here for a couple of years, I’d consider getting an “investor visa”. The paid in capital requirement is only ¥5,000,000 (about 50K USD). As it is capital, you’re just investing it in the company, so if you shut it down, you can get it back. Of course you can also use it to pay any expenses including your salary.

You’ll probably need help with setting up the company. I’d budget ¥1,000,000 for that. After the initial setup, you might need to pay ¥300,000 to ¥500,000 a year to an accountant.