Any advice to someone in the beginning of the career?

Hello everyone. I’m really glad I found this forum since I have plans to set off to Japan, my homeland, with my girlfriend.
I’m a japanese descendant born in japan who was raised in brazil and now intend to move back when I and my future wife are graduated.

I’m not a japanese citizen but I am aware I can easily get a work visa in Japan, like other japanese-brazilian people do, so my biggest concern now is on what dev path I should take. I can speak english fluently but I dont have any japanese skills, however, I’m about to dive into japanese learning soon. Me and her are both studying Systems Analysis and Development and still in the beginning of the degree, we haven’t got any work experience either. I’m currently learning object-oriented programming, data structure etc and using java, python and C in college projects, so as you all can see, I’m still newbie asf.

My question is: What technologies are in demand in Japan?
I’m thinking of start focusing on mobile applications and big data development… Am I being well driven in terms of fitting the japanese IT market? my departure would take place in like 3 years time, but I really want to make sure I’m doing the right thing.

Thanks in advance!

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Don’t worry about specific technologies. Rather, I’d work on building up a public developer profile. Being able to communicate about software development is more important than skill with specific technology when it comes to finding a job.

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I see I see. Thanks so much! I’ll take your advice.