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Android developers needed?


I’m an experienced, mid carreer (mid 30s) Android dev with an N3 certification (Just took the N2, don’t know the results yet) and I was curious what the demand for my skillset in Japan would be.

I’ve worked in Japan before, and speak fairly fluently (my reading skills are a bit rough around the edges though).

Also, if I’m likely to find a position, where is the best place to look for job leads?

Thanks in advance for any info you might be able to provide.


For finding a job, it comes down to your skillset and ability to sell yourself, so it is hard to make any pronouncements on your ability to find a job here. If you’re not already living in Japan, companies are not going to be salivating over you, but it’s not impossible to find something either.

For finding developer jobs, conferences are a great way of finding companies. For instance, DroidKaigi is a big Android conference that is being held next year. Speaking at a conference is your best bet for making connections, but even just attending one can be a good way to build up your network. Failing that, looking at the companies which are sponsoring it and where the speakers work can be a way of identifying companies that care about hiring good developers.


The thing about getting hired in Japan, is that you have to consider that companies are taking a huge risk.
Are you using them for a visa? Are you just interested in working in Japan because “it’s Japan”?
Do you bring a lot to the table?
Can you handle the adjustment?
And on top of all that, technical ability. You can do the job, but can you pass the technical test?
Either way, don’t look for jobs on LinkedIn or StackOverflow jobs because that’s not where Japanese companies are advertising.
You should try searching on Google in Japanese.


I have nearly 10 years of Android experience, have worked in Japan before and have recently passed the JLPT N2.

I want to be back in Japan because that is where most of my friends are and I keep going back twice a year to visit.

I don’t mind a salary cut of half (or less?) of what I make now, I’m aware I can’t make in Japan what I can make in the states.

I have been working on additional training outside of work to enhance my skillset a bit more and hope to brush up on technical interviews again soon.

I’ve heard I need to develop an extensive GitHib portfolio to get interviews in the first place, so that is also on my short list of things to do.

Have any other suggestions of things I ought to be doing?


If you’ve already worked here before, that makes you less risky as far as employers are concerned.

Since you’re already coming here twice a year, I’d try to set up some interviews the next time you’re in town. I’ve noticed that even if companies are theoretically open to hiring someone from abroad, being able to do an in person interview can help a lot.