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Advice for Getting a job in Tokyo as an iOS Developer/Rails Developer


Hello Everyone,

My name is Nick, I just finished my BS is Computer Science. I’m currently looking for jobs in the Tokyo region and wanted some advice on mainly how long it usually takes and the route anyone with experience in this process would recommend I have 2 years of working as the lead iOS developer at Company in Arizona. and have launched 3 products while going to school. I’ve also written modules using Rails for the backend communications and worked with the Lead Ruby Developer at the company on the overall application.

I was also wondering if there a way to test my level of Japanese I’ve completed a year’s worth via course’s at my Universiy but I’ve been speaking more or less with my friends in Japan for over 3 years. I don’t know how fluent I would say I am but I can hold somewhat of a conversation.

So enough about me lol. my questions are should I apply abroad and wait for responses or get on a plane and try and interview locally. I’ve heard it takes 2 months to get approved for the work visa? and I’m curious of the requirements for the visa other than just having a degree? Also is it easier to get hired at a foreign or local company?

Looking forward to speaking with you soon. I’ve actually been a member of the email list on this blog for a long time and have been wanting to reach out for a while! I just wanted to complete what I assumed were all the requirement.

All the best,


There aren’t so many non-Japanese that get a job as a developer here. Because of this, I don’t think it is possible to say what the average time it is to get a job here, or what the best route is. As I explain in getting your first developer job in japan, it all comes down to your personal situation.

From the time a company decides to hire you, till the time you actually get a visa, two months is a reasonable amount of time. If you have a BS in Computer Science, you meet the visa requirements.

The easiest company to get hired by is one that you’re really enthusiastic about working for. So rather than trying to figure out where you have the best chances of getting hired, I’d start with what kind of working environment you want to work in, and find a company that matches that.