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A [theoretical] question about Visa and finding employment

The situation would be the following:

  • Self taught (Ruby on Rails, JS, Python)
  • No professional experience in this field
  • Only having 3 years of work experience in tech. support (that’s where I picked up coding to automate things, but it wasn’t “official”)
  • JLPT N2
  • No degree of any kind.
  • Early 30s

Is there a chance for this guy to land a job as a dev and get a Working Visa in Japan?

Thanks in advance.

This article explains the options for visas. Based on your situation, I don’t think you could receive a highly skilled foreign professional visa, as I can’t see how you’d get more than 60 points (10 for JLPT N2, 10 for being 30~35, 40 for a salary of ¥10 million per year). Since you don’t have a degree, I think the only other option is passing a recognized exam like the PhilNITS Fundamental Information Technology Engineers Examination to qualify for an engineering visa.

As for your chances of finding employment, it’s unlikely you’d find a company willing to hire you from abroad, as generally companies will be looking for someone with proven experience to take a chance on relocating them.

The best route to Japan would be to focus on growing your career locally first, as you’re much more likely to be able to find a company to take a chance on you if you don’t need to deal with things like visas or relocation.