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Working visa for Japan as a Ruby dev


Hi everyone.

I’m a french software dev based in London with 5 years of experience (Mainly Ruby / Rails but also a bit of Front-end React/Vue).

I monitored the job market and found that some companies are looking for Ruby devs in Tokyo. I plan to apply probably in the next 6 months and I would be ready (obviously) to travel to Japan for interviews.

I used this website (Points-based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals) and I think I match the standard requirements(70 points) for a working visa.

I have only 1 concern :

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science and a Master’s Degree in Ergonomics and Human Factors. But from what I can read, only a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is viable to apply for a working visa? And unfortunately I have only 5 years of experience (not 10).

I’m asking it because I have heard Japan government will eases immigration rules. Could you please enlighten me about this ? :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone, have a lovely weekend


Same question. Someone who helps us? Thanks.


In Japan, you can’t get a working visa without a company sponsoring you. If you have a CS degree, you’re basically guaranteed to get approved for a working visa, and so there won’t be any uncertainty about if you can actually get one. The ten year working experience rule isn’t known by all companies, and makes it a bit harder to get a visa, as you need to provide supporting documentation, adding some uncertainty.

Theoretically, you don’t need a CS degree to get a working visa. Rather, you just need a degree that’s related to your job. For instance, I have an example of an English major who got a job programming. Because of the ambiguity, and there’s no way of knowing for sure until you apply, you’re at a disadvantage here. Ideally, you’d find a job that was both related to your degree and programming, but in your case that might be challenging.

The HSFP visa is a relatively new and specialized one. It’s my impression that bigger companies will go through that one, whereas startups probably don’t. In your particular case, the open question is whether or not your degree can count towards the visa, or if it needs to relate to your offered job. I don’t see anything to indicate that’s the case, but it’ll be a concern for companies. The page you linked has a phone number on it. I’d try calling them and asking about it as a first step.



Thank you very much for your long and useful message. I will try to call them in that case.

Have a nice day.