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Which area of Tokyo has the most foreign IT/software/tech companies?

Which is the hub for software companies? Shibuya? Roppongi? Shinagawa? Somewhere else?

If you’re looking for a single area, perhaps Shibuya has the highest concentration. But at the same time, I’d say no single area is dominant, and they’re scattered throughout the city.

What’s the goal of your question? Perhaps that would help me give you a better answer.

Thanks for the reply. I’m planning on getting a new apartment but I’m not sure about the stability of my job situation so if I have to change jobs shortly after the move I’d like to be in an area that is convenient. I want to be in the epicenter of the Japan tech world so I can network conveniently. So far I noticed that most of the meetups are in Shibuya Roppongi area but I do know that Microsoft is in Shinagawa for example.

I think it is pretty hard to predict where your next job would be, and with the way the train lines work, even if two places are close distance wise, like Shibuya and Roppongi, the train lines that are accesible to them can be quite different. Furthermore, it could end up being on the other side of the city entirely, as there are plenty of companies near Ginza or Tokyo station as well.

As for attending events, if it takes 15 minutes to get home versus 45 minutes, as long as its not an everyday thing, I’m not sure it’s going to make so much of a difference. So as long as you’re somewhere central, you should be good.

Personally, I’ve always optimized for my current situation with the place I’ve rented. When I’ve needed to go to an office, I’ve always lived within walking or cycling distance, as I’ve found not having to take a train daily makes a big difference to me.

These are all very good points. Thank you.

Shinagawa is much bigger corporate. And further south-east as they need the big space for their large building.

Roppongi is dirty

Shibuya is where you want to be