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Where to find software developer job


Hello, I’m actively finding jobs at Tokyo, Please suggest me web sites of job hunting other than glassdoor, gaijintpot,stackoverflow.



The several types of the Career Forum might be interesting for you.
Next one will be the autumn online version:


Hi I am also actively looking for a developer job in Japan. Aside from the ones you mentioned, I found a few job postings with English description in LinkedIn. Another site I tried is which seems to focus on start-up jobs.


You can check

You can also check agencies. Usually most jobs on careercross are agency jobs I think.

You can also check craigslist Tokyo. Though the jobs over there tend to be on the lower side (salary wise)


What’s the normal salary for 3year software engineer? 40man-45man (month)?


Hello guys,
Does anyone know about Human Resocia Ltd?
I recently gave an interview to the representatives from the company.
How is it as a company to start your career as a fresh graduate ? (I am graduating in December)