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Web Developer opportunities around Nagoya

Hi everyone, it’s be a relief to find Paul’s website and a community like this.

It looks like I will be moving back to Japan the September. I previously lived in Japan as an English Teacher before returning home and retraining as a web developer working with Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

Ideally I would like to work in Aichi, as that’s where I spent most of my time and I have family there. But the majority of English websites don’t seem to have listings for the area, and the jobs on Japanese sites seem to mainly be consultancy/freelance work. On top of this it looks like the Ruby東海 only meet every 3 months, and even less for Nagoya.js.

I guess my questions are:

  • Are there really not that many opportunities for foreigners outside of Tokyo?
  • Does anyone know goos resources or ways to find out about Start ups or Product companies in the Aichi area?

I’m coming over to attend RubyKaigi this year, and hoping to make some contacts and expand my network.

If you’re attending RubyKaigi, be on the look out for people from Misoca. They’re a Nagoya based startup that’s sponsored past RubyKaigi’s (this years sponsor list isn’t up yet). Not sure if they’re hiring, but they can at least point you in the right direction.

Most likely, it will be challenging if not impossible to find an English speaking position based in Nagoya. If you have at least conversational Japanese skills though, you can apply for Japanese positions. As a fluent English speaker, you’ll be able to stand out from other candidates they get at least!

You could also check out this site that is aggregating developer events in Nagoya.

Thank you for the advice and the initial leads, it didn’t occur to me to take a deeper look at past sponsor lists. I’ll definitely be on the look out for Misoca. If Nagoya doesn’t pan out, moving to the Tokyo area is still an option.

Regarding Japanese ability, I haven’t sat for a JLPT test, I would say I am confident in holding conversations in Japanese. how important do you think having JLPT cert (of any level) would factor into being considered for an interview or not?

I think one of my biggest challenges will be learning the vocabulary of the industry. The sites mentioned in your article on Leonard Chin’s talk about surviving and thriving overseas, seems more related to learning about culture rather than industry news, ect. Which is great, but do you know if there is anything more on the HackerNews side of things rather than Reddit?

Right now I’m just going through job postings and trying to pick up key phrases understand how to describe myself and what I am looking for in a company.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions and offer advice.

JLPT might help you landing an interview at a big company specifically looking for bilingual software developers, but otherwise I don’t think it is much of a factor. If a company isn’t explicitly looking to hire international developers (such is probably the case in Nagoya), I’m not sure they’d even be aware of what the JLPT is. In any case, your actual communication ability in Japanese is far more important.

As for learning more technical Japanese, you could take a look at Qiita which is a kind of blogging platform for developers or watch videos of past RubyKaigi presentations (it even looks like they have Japanese subtitiles for Matz’s keynote).

It’s good to hear about JLPT, as I’d rather focus improving my language skill that benefit my work directly. Qiita looks like a great resource, thank you. Watching older RubyKaigi presentation is obvious it hurts that I didn’t think of it before.