Tokyo SE job offer for unusual work experience

Hi all,
just wondering if I could get feedback on a recent SE job offer in Tokyo?

I’m late 20’s, possess spousal visa and conversational Japanese, have a PhD in a STEM subject with lots of computing involved, but no direct experience with the SE/mobile/web development industry (except writing a few unpublished apps for a hobby).

A small (but seemingly ambitious), well-established Japanese company has offered me roughly 7.4m yen (including housing subsidy) plus relocation, up-front rental fees, commuting expenses and one performance-based bonus per annum.

Two questions: 1) is this a sensible offer given my unusual experience? and 2) what kind of salary progression should one expect in SE in Tokyo, while working as the lone foreigner in a Japanese company?

Thanks in advance!

It’s hard to give any specific advise, as developer salaries are all over the place, especially for non-Japanese developers, but ¥7.5m is a decent salary for a developer in Japan.

Most companies also don’t want to hire developers living abroad. Having a spouse visa helps, but if you’re already in Japan, your opportunities will increase. So assuming you relocate here, in a year or two, you’ll be in a much better position to negotiate an increase or change jobs.