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Switching employer while visa renewal is in process?


I have been working as a web developer in Tokyo for years. And have submitted my visa renewal application a few weeks ago.

However, much faster than I expected, I got an offer from another company, several days after my visa renewal application submission.

It seems that I have two options at the moment:
(1) stay where I am, until I got my visa renewed.
(2) join the new company as soon as I can.

Option (1) is relatively safe but time-consuming, and might make me have to move several weeks later than what my offer designates. What’s more, there will be performance assessment soon, which I have zero interest to participate.

In the option of (2), I suspect that Immigration Bureau of Japan may carry out some fact-check interviewings. If they found that I have left the company, which my application documents indicate, they would tend to believe I was lying and therefore reject my application.

What is the optimal solution in this case?

Unlikely. You can go to the immigration office any time and tell them about your new job.

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