Starting out in IT/web dev

I’m still in college(computer science track) and have only been managing the family business as far as job experience goes. I’m a permanent resident in Japan, so visa is not a problem but I’m really interested in getting into IT/development.
I don’t have a formal education (yet) to back me up so what would the correct course of action be to get an entry level job? As far as IT is concerned I can get some certs in the meantime but for web development?
Also is it a must to speak Japanese? I’m in Tokyo btw.


I’m a bit confused about your situation. You’re studying CS at a Japanese university? In that case, Japan has a pretty well defined process for hiring new grads which I’d try to take advantage of.

The more Japanese you speak, the less technical abilities you need. So if you’re a fluent Japanese speaker, you don’t need to be such a great developer to find work here, and vice versa.