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Ski Resort Working Holiday while finding Full time Job

I’ve been thinking lately of working at a ski resort with a WHV and try to find a QA/SDET job while I’m working there (I will have around 2 years of QA work experience by the time I go), but the more I think about this the more it feels like the ski job will take up almost all of my time and I don’t even know if I will be able to have time to go to interviews if I get them. Has anyone had experience in working in a ski resort working holiday job and can tell me whether this plan is viable?

The other alternative is working in some kind of hospitality place as I can speak English and Chinese(Mandarin) fluently and my Japanese is about N2 but it will probably be less fun than working in a ski resort.

The other other alternative is go work in a ski resort first and not worry about a job and then come out later and execute the plan above.

Just thinking about my options and trying to choose the easiest one which can lead to a permanent full time job…