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Side Project while working full time


Hi everyone, first time here. I am wondering about working full time and having a side project. While I haven’t started yet, I am starting working full time in Tokyo soon.

Does anyone know about the details of having a side project? Who owns the work done by me on my free time while working full time? I might be interested in selling this project if I get far enough.



This is something you’ll have consult your Human Resources department with. In the US, what you do is negotiate the job offer such that you own everything done in your spare time with your own equipment.

In CA the laws are pretty lenient, even if HR claims to own everything you do the law enforces that you own anything you make with your own equipment and on your own time, as long as what you make doesn’t count as intermingling with your employer’s scope of business (e.g. don’t make a search engine if you work for Google). Some other states aren’t as lucky.

The pessimistic side of me says that Japan is on the same side as the unlucky states, judging from how conservative the work/corporate culture is there.


HI Francisco! are you brazilian?


Thank you @vtange, luckily I am starting with a temporary contract (due to Visa issues) and then change it to fulltime. I will talk with them about this when we change the contract.

@lua I am Spaniard


Previously, it was not possible to get extra work in Japan (副業) but last year Japanese government changed the legislation and now it is possible. But AFAIK, you need to consult your (full time) company and get their approval.