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Shopify developer jobs in Japan

Hello! Hoping I can get some feedback here. I’m curious to know if there’s a demand, or perhaps an upcoming demand for shopify devs in Japan. From the searching I’ve done, it doesn’t seem like there is, but maybe I need to refine my search a little more. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Shopify is just getting started in the Japanese market, and have only officially had a presence here within the last couple of years. Flagship is one company I know of that is doing Shopify development in Japan. They hire international developers, and though they sponsor visas, it’s not clear to me if they sponsor candidates not based in Japan yet. You could try getting in touch though.

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Hi, Pwim. Right on, I’ll go ahead and look into the company. Thanks for the info. Do you think Shopify is something that could catch on in the coming years, or is it just too hard to tell how it can play out right now?

Well, they are investing in this market, and so if they’re successful with gaining market share, there would be more opportunities. Lots of international companies try to enter the Japanese market though, and aren’t so successful, so it’s hard to say what will happen with them.

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I see. I’ll do my best to monitor the market to see if Shopify begins to gain more momentum. Thanks for the help, and thank you for this site! It’s really helpful. Take care, Pwim.

Hi @James, if you are interested in working for Shopify (the company, not app development). We are hiring for site reliability engineering (software based) roles, based in Japan.

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