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Searching advice for moving to Japan


Hi, I am a computer science student in a Canadian university.
I really love Japan and want to move there in the future.
Which plan will be better?
1, Moving to Japan after graduating from university
2, Moving to Japan after getting several year professional experiences in Canada. (actually, I preferred this way because I want to get some experiences in my country, too)

In fact, I found that Boston Career Forum hires many foreigners. Should I go to the Boston Career as a new grad(新卒)or experienced(転職者) with a several year experiences? Also, will looking for job as a experienced lower my chance to land a job in Japan? Because I only found career forums looking for new graduates and not for experienced people.

The other question is that can you get a full time job as a software developer with working holiday visa? Does job agent (転職エージェント) help you to find a full time job if you have working holiday visa? I am afriad of that they think working holiday visa is not eligible for applying for a full time job(正社員).

Also my Japanese is native level since I was living in Japan for 10 years in my elementary school and junior high school periods (But do not have a visa right now) In technical part, I am good at Java, C/C++, Python, SQL, Python. Any programming languages popular in Japan? I can learn it right now since I am still a second year student.


I think both these routes are options for you, and really the main difference is how quickly you want to come to Japan.

If you are looking for an entry level position in Japan, your best bet is probably going through the traditional hiring flow of the big Japanese companies. This is where something like the Boston Career Forum could be useful. I don’t have any experience with it myself though.

Getting a “mid-career” position is easier than an entry one, especially as someone abroad. Companies see hiring a foreigner as a bigger risk than hiring a Japanese, and so by having relevant experience, you can help decrease the risk.

If you have fluent Japanese, good software development skills, and a working holiday visa, you have a pretty good shot at finding something. The working holiday visa doesn’t have any hard rules about the amount you can work, so you can indeed find full time employment with it (I did this when I first came here).

Rather than focusing on specific technology, I’d work on marketing yourself as a developer. Things like major contributions to open source or presentations at developer events will help you regardless of what technology they are in.



If you feel like it , you can send us a resume , we are hiring either Python, C,C++, Haskell developers in Tokyo or Kyoto (preferably Kyoto) . We’ll review it and get back to you ASAP, of course being hired or not will depend on whether you are interested in what we do or not and if that is the case also evidently on your Python C/C++ level and skills.


I am currently working at Valeo Egypt i have experience in C and I have worked with VW projects is this offer still stands ?