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Regarding education requirements


Hey there!

I found this site by chance after searching about the usual expectations IT companies in japan might have.

I am currently employed in the US, I’m experienced in programming with java, as well as applying JSON and JDBC.
My question is do Japanese IT companies care a whole lot about having a B.A? In other words will they consider my work experience, certificates and associates degree as well as referrals or will I be under their radars due to not having a bachelor’s degree?

Thanks a bunch!


If you don’t have a four-year university degree related to software development (such as a computer science degree), getting a visa becomes harder.

I think most employers beyond your first one don’t care about your education. In Japan, the name value of the school is the only thing that matters. So unless you attended a world-renowned school (be it a B.A or a B.Sc), I don’t think it really makes a difference when they’re evaluating you.


In general employers don’t care at all. Immigration cares.

The normal rule is: No university degree, no visa. There are exceptions if you have 10 years of work experience or stuff like spouse or transfer visas.

If you don’t have that, get a certification that is approved by the japanese ministry of justice / IPA, or no chance. Trust me, I tried. If you really want to come here for working, either get a degree or a certificate.

as well as applying JSON and JDBC.