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Questions about the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals visa

I always dreamed about living in Japan. And after reading about the point-based system for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals, may be I can now try and get a job in Japan?

I am a software engineer, and I will get 80+ points when calculating the points based on my current non-Japan working experience and salaries.

Unfortunately, I am still studying Japanese and I am in the middle of my N4 studying.

I would like to ask for everyone’s advice on what should I do to land a job in Japan, and , ideally, get permanently residency as soon as possible?

Do I need to first get a job offer from a Japan company before I can apply for the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals visa?

And what is the impact of the current pandemic on these procedures?

A Japanese company needs to sponsor your application for the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals visa, and the number of points you’ll get for salary is based off what they’ll be paying you.

With COVID-19, Japan is prohibiting non-citizens from entering the country, except in exceptional situations. This effectively means it’s impossible for you to get into the country at the moment. Companies are anticipating this restriction to be relaxed in the near future, but there’s nothing concrete yet.