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Possible to get hired with only bootcamp experience?

I am getting my undergrad in Japanese language, but plan to attend a web developer bootcamp directly after (In the U.S.). Would it still be possible to land a role as a developer in Japan? Worst case scenario, would an information systems degree qualify for engineering visa?

As a new graduate, either of a CS degree or bootcamp, it will be challenging to get a job offer if you’re not already based in Japan. Companies tend only to hire overseas developers who already have at least a couple years of professional experience.

With a degree in Japanese, you wouldn’t qualify for an Engineering visa, but it may be enough for another working visa. Because it is more of an edge case, companies may be more reluctant to hire you over someone with a degree like CS. I’m not familiar with an Information Systems degree, but if it is from a university, I’d guess it would be accepted.

Thank you for your reply! I have a few more questions if you don’t mind.

In this case, with japanese bachelor’s I would qualify for the instructor/specialist in humanities, get an ALT position and then apply for dev roles in Japan? Is it the same for 90 day tourist visa?

Also, let’s say I do my master’s in Japan but again the major is unrelated. Could I theoretically find a job after graduation to stay in Japan by switching from student visa to work visa? I know it’s possible to change it but in my case is it still relevant for specifically a dev role coming from unrelated masters background?

Thanks again, much appreciated.

This article pretty much spells out your visa options.

Basically any university degree is enough to get a visa for an ALT position.

While you used to be able to switch from a tourist visa to a working one, it seems like they’ve cracked down on that, and usually you’ll need to apply from abroad.

As far as I’m aware, graduating from a Japanese university vs an international one has no bearing on your eligibility for a normal working visa.