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Part-time dev job

As the title says, I’m currently in Tokyo studying in a Japanese language school until next October.
I graduated from a master degree in Europe and have 2 years of experience as web dev in apprenticeship and some months of internship.

My plan is to find a job after finishing the language school and having some basic Japanese skills, but in the meanwhile I’d love to work as a part-timer as I feel I need to work on real projects to not lose what I learnt at my old workplace.

  • Do you have some advices on how to find one? (I mostly see full time announces).
  • Do you think I should just propose myself as part-timer even if they don’t openly search for one?
  • Is there some reasons I shouldn’t do this?

If the company is good and would propose equal salary, I wouldn’t mind getting hired by them at the end of my school after my part-time period.

Companies don’t normally specifically recruit for part time developers. However, in exceptional cases, they may hire someone part time anyways. One common scenario is like the one you propose, where they agree to work for the company after graduation in principle, and work part time until then.

You could theoretically do as you propose, and target companies who aren’t specifically looking to hire someone part time. In that case, I wouldn’t necessarily say that you’re looking for a part time job, as in your initial application, whoever is reading it is normally looking for a reason to reject it, and if you put in that you’re looking for part time, it may just get passed over.

I wouldn’t keep your intentions hidden beyond the initial application though, and if they respond to you that they’re interested, that’s a good time to bring up your current status.

This strategy could work best if you’re open to dropping out of the Japanese language school, and working full time immediately for a company. If you’re at least willing to consider that possibility in the face of the right offer, it could make things go smoother.

The only disadvantage I can see of doing this is theoretically it might hurt your chances if you try to apply again in October. Some companies have rules around the time someone needs to wait until they accept an application again, and you also run the risk of rubbing the person processing your application the first time round the wrong way. I think if you’re approaching this as you are legitimately considering working full time there, but would prefer to graduate first, there’s not much of a risk though.