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Not good at understanding the salary level

I have a job offer for work at Tokyo, with salary something about 6+ million JPY (including bonus) with no taxes and deductions subtracted (so called basic pay). It is something around 370.000 per month (without bonus). Is it a good enough salary to have quite comfortable life level and to live not too far from the office?

I’ve been at Japan numerous times, but never have experience for living there for too long, so don’t know the regular expenses level.

Thank you!

It should be good if you are alone. If you have a family, you might find it is not enough.

You can do the math yourself. Check some real estate agents. Have an idea about how much rent you will be paying for the place you want to stay. Add some for utilities + necessities etc.

Keep in mind you will need some money to get setup while moving in (guarantor money, key money, furniture etc). There are places which provide places with furniture and no key money, but their rents are higher. (not gonna paste any links, not sure if its ok)

Thank you for quick reply.

Yeah, I’m single right now. I’ve tried to calculate but not sure about I’m checking not too expensive real estate agencies. I’m not in Japan at the moment so don’t know what is the most popular agencies there having reasonable prices. Please share if you have some website in mind.

Keep in mind you will need some money to get setup while moving in (guarantor money, key money, furniture etc).

Thank you for pointing me out about this. Don’t expect there’re so many details concerning renting an appartement…

The keywords are “guesthouse tokyo”, search it in Google. We’ll have plenty of results.

As rule of thumb, 100k for rent and 50k for food for 1 person is good enough.

Thank you, Damax!

That’s what I’m talking about ) I spend couple of hours checking different real estate web sites and average price for some small appartements was around 150000 JPY (usually also included one month key money and enhancements money pay requirement) as well as seperate pay for management costs (something about 6000-8000 JPY/month).

I’ll try to search for guest houses as you advice. Thank you!

A normal (~ cheap) real estate company will NEVER contract with someone that it isn’t here. Let’s say you are here, without a much living experience in Japan it’s harder to get something (yes, chicken and egg problem).

It’s for those reasons I didn’t gave you links to real estate agency.
Thank to monthly contract, you can leave your guesthouse as soon as a month.
When you decide to move out of your future guesthouse, look at athome for cheaper rents (which doesn’t includes utilities), eg:


I think you should be fine also on that salary, I do not know what level of position you are looking at and if it`s the right salary for your skill level or anything, but me and my wife live on 2.5 million yen together in Tokyo and that gives us a better life style then when I earned a teachers salary in the UK.

The housing issue although not ideal what I did was rent a share-house room for 2 months and then looked for an apartment in that time, you can contract share rooms easily from outside of Japan and since its only temporary it saves you signing up for a 2 year contract with less then ideal apartments you can get while trying to contract outside of Japan.

Hope it helps,


Thank you, snow! It gives me valuable information!