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New java developer, want to work in tokyo


Me and my wife (japanese) will move this year in December to tokyo. So i will have a spouse visa at first when we get there.

For the last year (started last year September) i studied Java and programming overall on my own. I worked previously as a researcher in a pharmaceutical company but wanted to do something else. I have no work experience so far and wont get any until im in tokyo.
I did multiple different online classes and had support from a good friend who is a very experienced programmer.
He strongly recommended me to work java backend, because the demand for that is high and its easy to get in.

Can anyone recommend me a company where could apply? Like i said i wont be in japan before December, but i would like to start looking for jobs.
Any help is appreciated:)

Because you don’t have professional experience you can point to, you’ll need to be able to point to something that demonstrates your skills as a developer. This could be something like personal projects, a blog, or open source contributions. If you don’t already have something like this, I’d suggest working on it.

I also think it is a bit early to be looking for jobs. One of your main advantages is that you’ll have a spouse visa, and be able to start working immediately. You’ll be a more attractive candidate if you can start working immediately upon receiving a job offer.

This is especially true right now, because of the COVID-19 situation. Companies have a hard time predicting what the world will look like in six months, and so I think they’re unlikely to commit to hiring a junior developer so far in advance.