New Graduate Php/Web Dev Job

Hello! I’m graduating this year from my university and was wondering what would be the best way to look for a Php/Web Developer Job and what would I need to know? I do have experience(Can even show an example) Of making sites and pages for my University and also templates. Would it be better to work in the USA first before going?

Are you currently in Tokyo? If so it can be easy to find a web developer job!

Unfortunately not yet! Finishing up my university courses in the states but was primarily interested in companies that would offer a work visa.

Ah I see. I currently work as an IT Recruiter and it really depends on the company! But you would be surprised how many do. When were you looking to find a job for?

Pretty sure around June or July! Just wanted to make sure I take all the necessary steps beforehand so I know exactly what to do as time gets closer

Hi ! I’m also a computer science student trying to find my first developer job in Japan. So far, I’ve been searching jobs in

When companies are interested in you, they will send 「気になる」 message to you, since these websites are written in Japanese, I guess resume written in Japanese will be better.
Next month I’m going to Japan for job hunting, I can share more experience after that.

I got an offer from a company that was at the Boston Career Fair for Japanese-English bilinguals. The same company hosts other career fairs, and you can sometimes get travel grants.