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My employability in Japan and strategy for moving there for work


I’m currently an intermediate web application developer that specializes in the front end from Canada. I have 8 years experience developing websites but honestly more like 3-4 years of that being in proper software development. I’m currently mainly working with React.js and JavaScript but also have experience with PHP and Some

I don’t really need help getting Visa sponsorship as I’m married to a Japanese national. I also have an N2 and am waiting for my N1 results but am fairly comfortable conversing in Japanese.

I find the issue is I do not get much response from applying from overseas. I also find it risky to move to Japan first and then have to look for job. Are there any tips for finding jobs that will entertain people from over seas? This is the first website where I found it actually easy to apply for a job and actually heard interest back from a company in Japan.

Furthermore what should be my salary expectation if I were to land a similar position in Japan?

With N2, a Japanese spouse, and 3+ years of work experience, I’d think you’d have a relatively good chance of at least getting initial interviews for companies. One thing that does stand out is you saying you have 8 years of experience but just 3-4 in “proper” software development. Maybe there’s something about how you’re wording your resume that might turn off employers? I’d be happy to review it if you post it here, or email it to me.

Since you have a Japanese spouse, another option is looking for a company that allows you to work remotely worldwide. That would allow you to relocate to Japan without any risk.

If you’re not already, you could also be looking in Japanese for jobs, on sites like Wantedly. Companies there aren’t explicitly looking for international software developers, but given your Japanese abilities and lack of need for a visa, they’d perhaps consider you.

As for salary, you can take a look at the results of this survey I conducted of international developers living in Japan.