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Moving Back To Japan



I am posting this question as i am interested coming back to Japan and to evaluate my position( salary, finding a job, getting VISA )

As a Summery:

I graduated in 2007 as an Engineer and worked for Japanese company locally (2007~2009) for two years (C/C++ ) and worked for the mother company in Tokyo for 3 years (2009~2014, C# ,C++). Then i moved back to my country.

Currently (20014~Present ) , I am working for a power company as a Engineer in Information Technology Department ,However my present job is more related to Linux Administration and Informix Databsae Administration.

Also i am good with python and working as a freelancer in my free time in

I’ve passed JLPT L3(those days its Level 3),and okay with Japanese some level,

What are my options?
(My working VISA Expired in 2015/01)

Thank you,


I would try applying to large foreign companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google. They typically will help out with visa work and with your experience, you could possibly also get a relocation package.