Looking for information about the current job market

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I am looking for expats that specialize in software development who made the jump to Japan. If you are from my home country (The Netherlands) or Europe, it would even be better!

I wish to ask about all the stuff required to relocate, how the job market is for Fullstack Java/C# developers and how people handle school for their children. Also, what would be the best city to relocate to, and how do you cope with the cultural differences.

Thank you in advance,


Hey Rick,

I am from Sweden. Glad you’re thinking about this move.

  1. Relocating: I did my exchange studies in Japan for a semester and that’s when I started to look for jobs that would sponsor my visa. This was the “relatively” easiest way to land a job in Japan since my Japanese was very limited and with a very little work experience. However, I understand that you got some experience that should be a lot better.

  2. Job market: Some startups are looking for Fullstacks, even some companies write specialized area (front or back) but can negotiate the fullstack position based on the candidate experience.

  3. School and children: I don’t personally have experience with that but there are international schools for sure. English is slowly becoming more common in Japan.

  4. Best city to relocate to: The term “best” is quite subjective but I would say Tokyo is the easiest city to relocate to because there so many job opportunities there and more “foreigner” friendly. Not my “best” city though, but then again, my opinion is subjective.

  5. Cultural difference: I have lived in many countries so different cultures is a norm for me now but I am pretty sure there are many useful articles out there you could checkout to get more insight about.

Hope this helped out and good luck! :v: