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Looking for advice to work in Japan as a Frontend React dev

I am currently working in Singapore as a front-end developer for close to 2 years now and I am a Bsc computer science graduate from an Australian University. I came across japan-dev and Tokyo-dev websites while looking for an opportunity to work overseas full-time to escape my mundane life in Singapore and is surprised to know that some companies don’t require Japanese language skills.

I would like to know how difficult would it be to secure a job that sponsors a work visa, and what will the pay range be in 2022?

thanks a bunch!

For salary estimates, see the 2021 international developer in Japan survey. From that, as a developer with two years of experience, you could expect between 4-8 million JPY. React devs seem to be paid a bit more than average, so you might be able to get something on the high end (say ¥6-8 million).

That being said, it tends to be harder for more junior developers to get job offers from overseas, so you might run into some issues with getting a company to hire you. I’d be looking for opportunities to highlight your skills as a developer. Things like writing technical articles or contributing to open source could help (and not just with getting a job in Japan, but anywhere).

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Thank you for the advice, I’ll look into it!