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Junior (Web) Developer Opportunities in Tokyo

Wanted to ask some questions about my situation after seeing the great responses and feedback given in this community.

I switched careers and attended a web development bootcamp abroad in the States (focus on HTML/CSS/JavaScript/React) and was just getting started at my first job when the pandemic hit and was let go. I had some time off and ended up moving to Tokyo to study Japanese and passed the N2. I’m looking to get back into the tech industry after an extended gap and wanted to know how the prospects are for Junior Devs in the Tokyo area. I’m on a Spouse (of a Japanese native) visa and located in the Tokyo area. Thank you for any info or advice!

I’m not located or working in Japan (yet), so I don’t have any firsthand experience or anything like that. But, based on the extensive research I’ve done, it seems like Tokyo is ripe with opportunity. Also, you have the benefit of having N2 and being located in Japan! This site and list some good companies and you can try searching on or too. Some other sites are:, GaijinPot Jobs, - Looking for jobs in Japan? Want to work in Japan?.
Also, if you haven’t already, you could try making a Linkedin and Wantedly profile and see what opportunities are on there.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

With the visa being taken care of, having N2 Japanese abilities, and already being in Japan, you have a decent shot of finding something, even as a junior developer.

One strategy you might try is going after jobs at smaller Japanese startups who aren’t specifically recruiting international engineers. Wantedly is the most common place these jobs are listed. I know a couple of junior developers who got a start to their career in a similar way, though they used recruiters. I’ve heard generally that recruiters don’t want to deal with candidates like yourself (bootcamp grads without professional experience), but one of them mentioned that the recruiter was Japanese, and he communicated in Japanese with them, so that might have been a factor.

As a junior developer, it’s especially important for you to stand out. If you’re the only foreign applicant applying to a Japanese startup, your shots of getting an interview is much higher than one than is already inundated with them, just because they’ll be curious about you. Once you have your foot in the door, it’s easier to show what skills you can bring.

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Long time lurker here and just wanted to say thank you for your help and giving back to others. Much appreciated

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