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Is it an advantage that I work for a Japanese company


Hi guys,

thank you for all useful information in this blog and forum. I have no BS degree at all. But I’m a senior android developer in android app team. I work for Japanese company with R&D department in eastern Europe. And also looking for job opportunities in Japan, especially Tokyo. I want to asking is it an advantage for me experience in Japanese company, and also if i try to get recommendation from someone in Japanese office?
Also I want to ask how big the problem is that my lack of university degree?


If you don’t have a BS degree, you’ll need at least 10 years of working experience to be eligible for a normal working visa. However, there’s also a special visa that allows for someone to be transferred from overseas to Japan if they continue to work for the same company. So your best bet would be to see how you could get transferred to the Japan office.


Thank you for your response. I understand how difficult goal I set myself. But doesn’t scare me. I’ll continue to investigate possibilities, also for that to be transferred to the Japan office. To give up was never an option for me and i’ll find the way. And I want to ask one more question. Because of I’m little confused about Japanese visa types. Is there exceptions in this requirement for experience?


I talk about the visa options in this article.