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HSP Employer specific points


After spending a few hours googling the requirements for the HSP visas, I found a few post here that were really helpful (Thanks for that BTW :grin: ) but I still was not able to find a few things, hoping someone could enlighten me!

I’m 32 without a degree and 6 and a half years of experience as a software developer. With an 8m salary(which sounds like a lot ngl) I could have 50 points for the HSP.

My only hope at the moment is getting points with the following categories which are specific to an Employer:

  1. Work for an organization which receives financial support measures (measures provided for separately in a public notice) for the promotion of innovation

  2. Employed by a small or medium-sized enterprise whose experiment and research expenses add up to more than 3% of the total revenue

  3. Work on an advanced project in a growth field (limited to the project recognized by the Minister of Justice)

I just want to know what are the odds of finding an Employer which qualifies for multiple of these categories.
Also if someone had experience with this kind of visa I would love to hear about it!


I’m not familiar with those items specifically, but I’d imagine the working for an organization that receives support for innovation and working on an advanced project probably go together. I don’t know how to look for organizations that are like that, but I’d guess they tend to be more academic in nature - places like Riken.

Yeah looks like there might be a few organizations that could have multiple of these items but it’s hard to know which ones since there isn’t an official listing.

Someone suggested that I shouldn’t worry too much about this because possible employers would know if I was eligible for a HSP through them just by looking at my CV.

Thanks for replying!

This isn’t an assumption I’d make personally. Many Japanese companies I’ve talked with make the assumption that if you don’t have a university degree, you aren’t eligible for a working visa (even though this isn’t the case).

Ohh ok I guess I’m back to square one :sweat_smile:
I will probably have to ask this during interviews.