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How do Japanese People Learn Web Development

I’ve tried searching for videos on YouTube in Japanese, and they were horrible. I can’t possibly be looking in the right places, so does anyone know where Japanese folks go to learn this stuff.

(My apologies if this question was already answered elsewhere on the forum. I’m brand new here).

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Going off of walking around book shops in Japan I would guess book shops, seems to be way for tech related books than I’m used to in the UK

What’s your goal of finding content about learning web development in Japanese? This is such a broad question that there’s many ways it could be answered, so better understanding your motivation would help me form an appropriate answer.

I was considering the idea of making web dev tutorials on Youtube in Japanese given the quality of videos I found were lackluster, but if Japanese people don’t really use Youtube for that purpose, then my efforts would be in vain. I just wanted to first better understand how the Japanese demographic generally learn about this stuff, and how I could contribute. Sorry if my reply is still too vague.