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HCI Interns in Japan

Good day everyone,

I am interested to know how do you find an internship in HCI in Japan, either as a researcher or any other area related to user research.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, internships in Japan aren’t so common. Furthermore, most Japanese tech companies have products that are for the domestic market, so it means any research would likely require Japanese. So I think your chances of finding an internship are pretty slim unless you’re a fluent Japanese speaker and are already living in Japan.

Assuming you are still in university though, you could check if your institution has any connections to Japan. I have heard of places like Tokyo Institute of Technology accepting researchers from international universities, and The Canada-Japan Co-op Program provides Canadian students with internship opportunities in Japan. I think that being a university student is actually a requirement for the visa that is normally used for internships.

Thank you for the information :+1: