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Guidance on optimal route to getting a job in japan

Currently, I am 17 years old and always have been interested in computers and coding, when I was 14 I learned the C language and got a certificate for it as well. I am planning my future right now and I’m looking for some guidance from people who are already in the field.

I am planning to do a Bachelor of Computer Application (3 years) and then Masters of Computer Application (2 or 3 years depending on the university).

Question: Should I do masters or should I look for a job after BCA. Experience seems to have more value while looking for a job compared to a masters degree. Doing a part-time job while doing MCA of course would be preferable but I wonder if I would be able to balance them both.

In case it matters I live in India.

To be relocated from abroad, generally you need at least a couple of years of professional experience. I don’t think a Master’s degree will help, unless it is in something like Machine Learning or Data Science, where academic credentials are especially valued.

I don’t know how much option you have about which specific university to go to, but I’ve heard of some Japanese companies recruiting at Indian universities. I’d try to figure out if any of your options are specifically targeted by them, as that gives you the potential to come to Japan right after graduating.

Please pardon my late reply

Would Bachelor’s in machine learning or data science be good enough compared to Master’s?
Would a certificate in machine learning or data science be good enough?

Thanks for your response

I don’t have much insight, apart from that I have seen some companies looking for people with a Masters or PhD in topics like Machine Learning, whereas I haven’t seen opportunities that require that level of academic credentials for things like CompSci.