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Got PhD (CS) from a Jap. Uni, searching jobs in Kansai


Hi everyone. I am graduating this year, getting a Ph D. degree in CS from a Japanese University. Signed a year contract to work in the same lab as a postdoc, but don’t want to stay in academia. So, decided to search for available positions, primarily in Kansai (not Tokyo, due to a number of reasons).

Could anyone provide any tips or suggestions for finding a company with a more western-like work environment?

Know a number of languages (C, C++, Java, Python), worked with machine learning and image processing.


I’d focus on building up connections within the local developer community. If you have one year and a bit, I think it’s too early to be applying for jobs, outside of ones at bigger more traditional companies, which doesn’t sound like where you want to work anyways. There’s some internationally friendly developer events in Kansai like HNKansai. Talk to people there, maybe do a presentation or something, and start getting a sense of what companies are out there.