Going from English teacher -> Software dev?

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can chime in their experience.

I’m a 3 year exp mobile dev with OK japanese skills, i’m thinking of getting a job teaching english first then while working as a teacher start applying for jobs as a mobile dev.

Does anyone know if your english teaching visa can be converted to a visa that allows you to work as a dev? assuming company sponsorship etc.

Thanks for your time!

edit: also I have a comp sci degree if that helps

edit2: additional question, the holiday visa website says:

This programme is not designed for persons who mainly intend to work. The applicant’s primary purpose of stay should be “holiday” in Japan.
Those who intend to work primarily cannot apply for this visa.
meaning isn’t it against the visa to look for full time developer work? furthermore if you get sponsored does the new visa overwrite this one?

Sorry for all the questions!

Hi there,

My main question would be: why not directly apply for mobile development jobs?

I am no expert in the mobile field but I believe demand exists in Japan for your profile. You would save tremendous time and effort focusing on getting a job matching your skills rather than looking for a teaching role you may not enjoy and worry on your vise renewal.

Paul often recommends building a personal brand, which is a great way to start (blog, portfolio…). You could then target hiring companies via Wantedly, Linkedin or any other platform.

Good luck!

Hi there PaulG.

Thanks for the reply. Yes after making the english teacher route post here I read horror stories around online and it really put me off. I do believe you are right and there are a lot of opportunities in Japan for an experienced mobile dev with willingness to learn Japanese but from my recent efforts it seems the best way to get them is to fly over to Japan on a temp visa and apply from there. It seems to get a job from abroad as Paul says is like the holy grail and not easy.

By the way for anyone who was looking for the answer to my question, according to subreddit move to Japan you can change your visa status as long as you get sponsored without leaving the country